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Hi there

I have the following questions regarding the ultimate Alfa i.e. the Giulia Zagato.

I have collected many photographs but cant figure out the following.

The steering column seems to have no stalks for dim/bright and indicators. The horn button looks like it has wires running through the steering box Giulietta style?

How did the dim/bright switch work? Must have been a foot operated pedal like the Giuliettas had?

I have noticed a light switch on some dashboards looking like the Giulietta light switch with the siver engraved knob Giulietta style?
Is this correct?

The indicator switch was either a left/right turn knob (with a short arm pointing down) on the dashboard or a bi-directional swith?

Can anyone shine a bit of light into the darkness.

Electrics looks like it was part Bosch but still some Lucas bits here and there.

Instruments looks like French Jaegers?


Willie Grobbelaar Zagatista
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