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1981- started off with a Vauxhall Victor. Red with black vinyl roof.
Then I became rather predictable
Yellow Alfasud 1.3Ti
Yellow AlfaSud Sprint (felt like I was driving a Ferrari)
Black Sud 1.5Ti Green Cloverleaf. Oh yes.
Black Giulietta (disaster... found out it was a made of two cars stuck together so garage had it back)
Alfa 33 QV
Alfa 75 6V Veloce. What a car that was.
Alfa 164 QV. Effortless cruising across Europe. Loved it.
Black 156 GTA. No words needed.
Red Brera V6 Q4
Lovely Grey Spider V6
Black Prodrive Brera V6 S
Giulia Veloce - probably best of the lot to date.
Just got a Stelvio 280 Ti. Early days, but really, really surprised how good it is.

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Including some company/lease cars

1975 Ford Cortina 1600 > 2000 (after an engine swap)
1978 Opel Manta SR
1983 Ford Sierra 2.0 Ghia
1989 Mazda 323F
1994 Honda Civic Coupe - New
1995 Rover 414i - New
1996 Rover 420sd - New
1996 Rover 416si - New
1997 Rover 420si - New
1997 Rover 618i - New
1994 Honda Accord
1987 Volvo 340
1989 Renault 14
1996 Honda Accord
1983 Ferrari Mondial
2003 VW Passat
1997 Ferrari F355
2003 Rover 1.6
1997 Alfa Spider
2005 Alfa GT
1998 Audi A4
2001 Ferrari 360 - Current
2006 Alfa 159
2004 Mercedes CLK
2002 Nissan Primera
2018 Mercedes CLA - Current
1998 BMW Z3 - Current

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How long have you had your 360 Malc? Is it costing a fortune to run?

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How long have you had your 360 Malc? Is it costing a fortune to run?
4 years.
Depends what you consider expensive :rofl:

After three Ferraris I vouch that no matter what you pay to buy you will pay to run. I don't mean insurance and tax either. Mine isn't bad and insurance is comparable with the Merc.
Fuel is expensive I suppose (18mpg) but I don't/can't use it for work.

Maintenance/repairs are the killer. Helps if you can do DIY work yourself in one way but you must ensure you document everything and best to support it with pictures too. Buyers are wary of cars with no dealer/specialist history.

Often there are parts used on say a Fiat Panda that if you're savvy you can use but mostly they come with Ferrari tax :lol:

I have all my servicing done at a specialist and he knows 360's better than any main dealer.

These are a bit out of date but to give you an idea.

AE Performance-Services

I had most of my front suspension refreshed along with four new tyres, engine mounts replaced along with annual and belts. It was literally eye watering in that I have bought many a daily and toy for the cost!

In order ascending expense
  1. Mondial
  2. 360
  3. F355 (engine out belts)
I've just bought 4 x Brembo discs, All new Brembo pads & new Goodrich braided brake hoses to do myself over the winter for about £500. The specialist would charge between £1200 - £1500 to do it inc parts.

The front Sport Brembo pads were on offer for £90 and normally about £150. Discs were £260 for 4 (which is superb) normally well over that. Rear pads were about £45. Those front pads you could buy Apec for £23.. but would you?
Specialist I use would use either OEM or Brembo (not sure if OEM pads are Brembo but I think if they are they will be standard pads not sport).

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Thanks for the interesting insight Malc.
Some of those figures scare the life out of me; it'll remain a pipe dream for me!

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No Ferrari’s for me ( oh I wish!) but my own humble list since I started driving in 2004!

2000 Suzuki Swift Sky 1.0
2000 Renault Megane Coupe 1.4
- At this point I seriously considered a Stilo or Bravo bit then jumped onto the pcp gravy train! -
2006 Seat Ibiza 1.4
2010 Seat Ibiza 1.4 FR
2010 Seat Leon 1.2
2013 Seat Leon 1.4 FR
2010 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Lusso 2.0
2013 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sportiva 2.0
2016 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Speciale 1.4
2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce 2.0

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1984 (bought in 1995 at 11 years old) Vauxhall Astravan 1.2
1989 (bought in 1996 7 years old) at Volvo 440 1.7
1990 (bought in 1999 at 9 years old) Mitsubishi Colt GTi-16v 1.8
1998 (bought in 2002 at 4 years old) Alfa 145 QV 2.0 - You can kind of see a change in car approach caused by this lovely thing.
1998 (bought in 2005 at 7 years old) Fiat Coupe 20VT 2.0 Turbo
2003 (bought in 2007 at 4 years old) Alfa 156 GTA 3.2
2013 (bought in 2017 at 4 years old) Mercedes AMG C63 6.3(ish)

So the GTA is both the youngest and the oldest car I've ever owned, having kept it for 10 years.
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