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--AO Member Interview – Let the secrets flow
Simply fill in your answers and follow the brief instructions at the bottom of this page.

Your Forum name
Daddy Giraffe

Real name
Alfred A Romeo


vehicle painter

Glorious essex sunshine coast

Marital Status

which cars do you drive and why?
Whichever car is in best health/has petrol/is parked nearest. Usually an Alfa

Are you a real passionate for Alfa Romeo?
Not sure really. I love them myself, but struggle to recommend them to non-enthusiasts because I don’t think their reputation as fragile flawed cars with dreadful dealer back-up is entirely undeserved… Having said that, flooring any V6 alfa in a low gear makes my hair stand on end.

What or how started your passion for Alfa Romeo and…
….do you think it’s fundamental to own one to have the passion?
Probably a silver ‘sud 3 ti that used to be owned by a guy round the corner when I was about 10. He crashed it, and it sat on his driveway for months, looking very forlorn. I wanted to save it, but he refused to take my bike as a deposit. So passion needs no object..

What do you like most about Alfas? They all have character.

What do you like least about Alfas? Most of the dealers

What would be your dream cars? De Tomaso Mangusta, any Iso , Dodge Challenger, any Alfa I haven’t tried.

What car would you least like to drive? four cylinder Mustang II

If you had £50,000 you had to spend in 72 hours, how would you choose to spend it? Find 10 interesting cars on ebay the first day, drive them all on the second, sell the 5 I liked least on the third day and spend the change on petrol.

Thanks for taking part, you may attach this to a new thread or simply copy and paste this interview directly into the forum when you have competed your answers.

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Party trick...........hmm....I can make all my money and locally available parking spaces disappear almost simultaneously. I would hate to live near me..:eek:
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