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Hi everyone
Hoping to organise a Yorkshire Coast Run on the 16 of June to go from Bridlington up to Whitby.
The idea is to go up the coast from Bridlington through Flamborough and Filey and then down into Scarborough for a chance to have a squirt and a coffee and perhaps a few photos, then off again up the coast road and into Whitby to hopefully join up with a run down by the North East lads and lasses for a chat and a bit of grub in Whitby. The route is about 45 / 50 miles and drivig directly should take around 1 hour 30mins but this will obviously be longer depending on how long we stay for a squirt and coffee in Scarborough. I'm hoping to do a dry run next weekend to check the feasability of the route and the times taken, so should be able to give more detailed info then.
Hope some of you can join me/us and make it a good day out hopefully on the sunny East Coast and show off some beautiful cars.
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