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Yet another roof problem

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Here we go again I have two problems the first is my roof keeps catching on the drivers side roll hoop and it has taken all the silver paint off. The next problem is intermittent when I open the roof it almost completes the opening cycle but just before the windows should go up it stops with the usual message incomplete please consult handbook yet the roof looks to be folded away?:cry:
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I'm afraid you'll have to get used to the many problems these cars have with the roof.
It's a constant worry whether it'll work or stop half way through.
I've had mine two and a half years and wish I'd never bought it.
The trouble is it's impossible to sell with a roof that isn't guaranteed to work - sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't :rant:

But my god does it look good!

Try using the socket key & screwdriver in the manual lock within the boot - turning the key should lock the roof down and make the windows pop back up. At least that's the theory.
To open the boot when the roof's playing up you'll need to pull the emergency release in the box behind the passenger seat.

Somebody posted a good DIY fix for the hoop problem on here a few days ago if you search the threads. Mine was once taken off by the roof catching but it's been okay since it went into the dealer under warranty a few years ago.
Thanks it's going back to the dealer Tuesday they have said they will fix it under my warrenty
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