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Recently, the left dipped beam of my Giulietta (2.0 JTDM 170PS @180K km, Left Hand Drive imported from Germany to Switzerland) stopped working. The rest of the light cluster is working: high beam, led daylight, ...

After scrolling through some threads here, I checked the fuse, which seemed fine, but swapped with the right one to be sure, still the same problem. So, fuses are fine.
(by the way, my original German owners' manual says fuses are the right top two 15A ones, while the English manual lists the 3rd and 4th)

Anyways, I dropped by the mechanic, who made an appointment to replace the bulb after a quick look. It sounds like it will cost some with Swiss prices.

I will ask them to check the battery before replacing as well.

Though, before appointment, what else can I check? People mention the 'connections', but what exactly does that involve without being exposed to 20K volt?

Thank you.
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