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Won't start after a rev fest...

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It's happened to me three times now. First time, after getting close to 7k RPM she just conked out and wouldn't re-start. Had the RAC out who said it was the fuel pump. Changed fuel pump and all good, although the injector light has been on ever since.

Second time (same stretch of road) after 7k revs, didn't stop but also didn't start after I tried to go out for another jaunt. After an hour of cooling off, all good again though.

Yesterday (same stretch of road) got to the shops went to get back in and nothing... Still nothing 2.5 hours later so had to leave it there overnight. Got back this morning and all fine.

Been on several long journeys and different journeys and never had a problem so any ideas what's causing this?

It's annoying as I lost 2.5 hours work yesterday because of it and whilst I was there waiting for it to cool down, I was on Autotrader!

Any ideas gratefully received...
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had the fuel pump cut-off switch play up with me on a bumpy road once in my old 156 V6, might be worth checking the connections and switch?
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