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Wobbly door mirror

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Hi guys.
The mirror on my o/s door bounces a bit when I'm driving so I want to get at the 'internals' to see if I can tighten it up on the pivot somehow.To do so I need to remove the glass.What's the best way to do this without running the risk of breaking it?
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from memory

open door this allows access to 2 hex screws in the black cover you can see from the inside when shut, you can then see 3 Phillips screws holding in the mirror itself
detach power wires

cant remember if the door card needs to come off for access to some hidden screw if not its in your hands then.................. this then allows you to see under the unit where there is access panel and then you can see the innards of the unit itself, believe it or not its not usually the 3 Phillips screws that need tightening but the casing itself that needs tightening to the mounting point, its about 2 out of 10 on the easiness scale
Thanks for the reply Brad.:)There are actually 3 allen bolts under that black cover as I have had a look (and tried to remove them) previously,but at least one of them is at such an angle that removal of the door card is indeed necessary to be able to undo and put the bolt back into the thread on the mirror unit.:rolleyes:That is why I was hoping to be able to get at the insides by removing the mirror glass.
If you don't want to remove the door panel, buy one of these

Britool Long Ball End Head Hexagon Allen Key 6mm :

Can't remember the size but it works for me :thumbs:
Thanks Mitch will give it a try!;)
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