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do all 155's have the same front wishbones. I am ordering a new non alfa component and they only list one. For the record it is 42 quid plus VAT is this reasonable

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I believe they're the all same as when I ordered mine last week they didn't require a chassis number.
I ordered mine from EB Spares for £38.50 excl VAT and postage

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How much are they from
Why don't they list common "consumable"
parts like these on the site :confused:
It just seems to be tuning items.

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Rule of thumb is...if you want something drop Ian an email and see if he can help.

Wishbones are about £35+vat+post if memory serves me.


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I contacted Ian @AO and their price was £48 + VAT
I went to EB spares and got them for £38.50 + VAT + postage (ordered before lunch tuesday delivered before lunch wednesday), also purchased oil filter for £5.80 and a set of 6 Lodge plugs for the V6 for £12.60.
Good service.

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They seem very reasonable prices,
And worth knowing for me as i'm
probably going to be in the market
for some 'bones.
Mine is wandering about all over the
place at the moment,and its got a
knocking sound when steering and
also when going over speedbumps etc.
Can't decide whether i have suspension
bearing,wish-bone or knuckle joint
problems :confused: .
I'll probably end up replacing the lot
over the next few months frown
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