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Wipers YET AGAIN!!!!

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Just phoned Lombarda to try and get wiper blades for the FatLass.

I'm now told that the blades are no longer available and that I need a new set of arms and blades and the damage is seventy sheets!

What is going on??!?

Hope it doesn't rain anytime soon.....

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Consider the **** well and truly taken!
Try another dealer :rolleyes:

Try a fiat dealer and ask for blades for a Tipo or Tempra they're the same blades ;) ;) or get rid of the original ones and get some Volvo 440 arms from a breakers and 21 & 18 inch normal blades :p
daiblack said:
Try a fiat dealer and ask for blades for a Tipo or Tempra they're the same blades ;) ;) or get rid of the original ones and get some Volvo 440 arms from a breakers and 21 & 18 inch normal blades :p

Got a pair of Tipo blades from my local Fiat garage.

For the record, they come as a pair and cost £8.50.

Suspect they come as a pair because they're handed, the profile of each being quite different.

Which leads me to wonder how the 440/Bosch combo works out, using two straight blades.

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That's what i use with a spoiler on the driver's side, works fine!
I changed mine for Tipo wiper arms and then fitted a pair of 20" Bosch blades. Work really well too, and resist high speed lift better than the so called special arms and blades. :cool:

I changed mine because, as with a lot of this arms, mine worn at the hinge near the wiper spindle, and they started flapping about all over the screen. :eek: It is advisable to check them otherwise you may loose a wiper arm just as Wullie Findlay did not the M6 earlier this year! :cheese:
I have the same problem my drivers side wiper is held in with luck and tree sap at the moment.

if I change the whole aarm to a Tipo one is there a particular year tipo i should look for?

My 155 is a 97 BTW

I've got the same problem with mine. Onthe way to scotland a couple of weeks ago the drivers one was all over the place-funny now but at night time in torrential rain no good! Pair of new arms at reg vardy in stockport 50 notes! I have tightened the arm up and i'm percevering for now. :( Might go for the tipo or volvo jobs though. Whats the single wiper conversion by hormann like?
i got my new wipers from Sidwell St Motors(Alfa and Fiat) in Exeter, had to get new arms as the others had chunks missing out of them, and the whole lot was less than £40! methinks some of these dealers are takin the pee, i have receipts from them for single wiper blades too, from before i owned the car, so hopefully they'll still be able to source them in the future *crosses all available bodily extremeties*
Can you check the price of 2 new arms for me then-we could do each other a favour here as i'm going to accrington fri afternoon and could get a n/s fog! How much should i pay for it? :D
ok, here are the details i have...
wiper arm £15.40 + vat part number 60809179 bin number 07A15
arm £18.00 + vat part number 60809660 bin number 07K07

total price on invoice was £39.25, and this was for arms and blades although it only says arms on invoice. i bought these at the beginning of march 2003, so wouldnt think prices were much different now. dunno what the bin number is but it might help!

i would say the more expensive one is the passenger side as it curls around the edge of the screen

also have an invoice from them from back in february 2000

wiper blade £7.45 + vat part number 5901639 bin number DR201
doesnt say which side though
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Excellent that.What should i pay for this fog? Ican get it and you can send me a chq if you like ;)
ya don't want to get me a front strut whilst ya there do ya? ;)
How much are tyey dibbley? I'm not too flush at the mo and how would i post you a full strut? :confused:
I work in Oldham almost everyday, I could pick it up :) Only joking mate I'll have to take a day off and go take one off :D
I'll check if they have one and its most likely on the shelf. i'll let you know ;)
i've already rang him, he has 2 but they're still on the cars :( I take it he had the mirrors you were after then :cool:
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