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my driver's side wiper doesn't seem to sweep all the way over, it leaves about a strip of 3" from edge of windscreen to the sweep, is this normal? Just seems quite wide band that isn't being cleaned and could be interesting come winter

As above just undo the nut and pull it up then move it round a notch on the spline put the nut on finger tight but make sure the arm is on the spline properly then try it.
If you use the Ignition key to turn it on and off you can stop it at the top then redo as before till you get it right.
They probably removed the arms when they fitted the screen .
the washer is a little flat head screw on one side just gently turn it up or down to adjust the spray. Dont forget to re tighten the arm properly once you are done.:thumbs:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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