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Winter Tyres and Chris Knott

Hi, I'm often asked on club forums (and Facebook groups) about switching to winter wheels/tyres and whether an insurer will charge extra if you do.

As it's getting to that time of year again I thought I'd just reassure any Chris Knott clients that the insurers we use don't usually charge for this. However, if you are thinking of swapping your wheels we do have to log when you make the switch and then again when you go back to normal - so please let us know on 0800 917 2274.


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Frankly, the idea of different tyres for winter raises a far greater raft of questions than most people realise. Firstly, it's only the tyres listed in the owners' manual which are actually homologated for Given that a few all season tyres now carry the 3PMS or 3 peak mountain and snowflake symbol, are all season tyres to be notified as well? BTW, I've not read that in an insurance contract so without wishing to be pedantic, which I am by nature, I do think this does raise quite a few interesting points. I could go on about other things and the many interesting implications.

Perhaps it would be better to just keep quiet and be grateful that insurance companies are only paying lip service to the whole idea of different parts? BTW, in Germany, winter rated tyres are a legal requirement in winter conditions. Failure to have correct tyres can render someone liable for a fine or a blame adjustment can be levied by the police in the case of a claim, even if someone with a car with summer tyres was seemingly blameless.
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