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Hi - I'm afraid this is yet another question about wing mirrors, but I have a few questions.

So, I bought a 2006 156 2.0 JTS (my first Alfa) about two weeks ago... and some clown decided to knock my wing mirror off, as well as those of everyone else in the street.

So, I was calling around for a replacement today and found a place in another city which have some in stock, but there were a few questions.

1. Firstly the guy asked me 'does the wing mirror have three wires or five?' I wasn't sure, so I came home, opened the thing up.. and what d'ya know - I have 7. 2x brown, 1x brown/black 1x black. 1x purple/white, 1x red/white and 1x blue. I think my mirrors have electronic adjustment, a thermostat, but no heater so I don't know why they would have 7. Perhaps there are two wired in, but actually redundant. Can anyone shed any light on this?

2. Late model 156s seem to have colour coded mirrors. My one is black, and the mirrors are not painted black, they are just bare black plastic like the part which connects the mirror to the door. Is this normal for black ones?

I would really appreciate help from anyone who might be able to shed any light on this. Thanks in advance.

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