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Wing mirror adjustment switch

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Hi all.

I've just had my Mito serviced with a few issues that I'd like some opinions on as the garage I took it to said that these things can only be done by an Alfa garage.

The top of the wing mirror adjustment switch has popped off at some point. You know, the disc bit that sits on top. Looking at what remains it is literally just a disc of plastic that should snap back on, but can this part be purchased without having to buy the whole unit? Perhaps someone has a spare written off Mito they use for parts that I could nab the door mirror switch from?

Cheers, G
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I would be surprised if its available on eper as an individual part so you are going to be looking at a new unit. I doubt a breaker would sell just the top hat bit either as he will want to get rid of the whole unit and hes going to struggle if its missing the top hat.
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