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I, as probably everyone has, had a problem with intermittent wiper action, sticking, juddering etc... I read the various fixes available here, from stripping down the wiper moter, replacing the system with a single sweep wiper, to changing the 155 wiper arms for a set of Alfa 146 or Volvo 440 variety.

My fix wasn't as simple as the Alfa 146 wiper arm swap, however it was straight forward and may help others.

I took off the front panel (removing wiper arms, and fixing screws), to reveal the connecting rods for the wiper drive, wiper motor and the washer tubing.

I then simply straightened up the washer tubing and in doing so stopped the connecting rods, for the wiper arms, from rubbing against the washer tubing (in my case a connecting rod had also worn through part of the tubing). The wipers have worked perfectly since.

I also found that the washer doesn't have a non-return valve fitted so to stop the tubbing from emptying the washer fluid draining back tothe reservoir, I've installed a 99p one-way washer valve ex-Halfords (UK Auot chainstore).
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