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In repairing and re-installing the wiper footswitch, I decided also to replace the petrified washer fluid tubing in this system. I stumbled upon a trick to simplify replacing this tubing that I thought I'd share.

Feeding new tubing through the firewall and into car interior can be a real pain, so try this. Disconnect the existing tubing at the washer bag and at the T-fitting for the washer jets. Find a long-ish woodscrew of the correct thread diameter, and cut off its head, leaving only the threaded portion. Now thread this into the end of the old tubing, and then thread the other end of the screw into the end of the new tubing. Now, when you pull the old tubing from inside the car, you thread the new tubing into place. Simple ! If the tubing is damaged by the woodscrew, you can always cut off that portion before reconnecting to footswitch pump fittings.

For the washer jet portion, make sure the old tubing is pulled free of the fold-over metal tabs on the cowl first, before tugging from inside the car.

In the process of doing this today, I found the supply line from washer bag was severely kinked, thus restricting the supply of washer fluid to the footswitch pump.

One further note - the lowermost mounting screw for the footswitch (on my car, anyway) passed through the firewall VERY close to the brake pipes, which climb up the firewall at that take care when replacing the footswitch !!

Can't get over how much better the washer system works now !
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