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Window Demisting?

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Every morning when I get into my car the windscreen is misted on the inside, what's the best way to stop this happening? Where should the settings be on the fan settings to avoid this? What exactly does recirculation switch do?

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Where did you get yours from t3yls

Ive looked on shop4parts but cant work out their pricing , is it for just one half or both

eurocarparts have some for £12.36 . Is this about right for both halves
I got mine off ebay. Yeh £12 must be for both halves.

There is a how-to on here somewhere, with pics. I think they're awkward to get to but easy to fit.
Bl00dy hell!

I tried this today, but gave it up, you have to be a contortionist, I'll give it a go at the weekend when I've got more time...................
Did it in about 10 mins but I'm a very flexible 40 :)
Does the one half go in then push slightly towards drivers side , then the second half linking the flaps then push all the way in .
The ones I got go in the same way as each other so the flaps don't overlap but yep the one slides over then the 2 nod goes in
Hopefully mine will arrive tomorrow (£11.48 with delivery from Partsworld), so will be contorting myself onto the footwell
I think there was a ventriliquist in my car too cause I was swearing a lot without moving my lips.

I'm a flexible 42 year old but trying to fit my shoulders into the passenger footwell is near on impossible..................

I'm a flexable 45 year old but I'm not that big 5' 10' and 11 stone wringing wet so I think I may be able to get in there .
On mine, it turned out to be the passenger door seal. The seal was not split or damaged in any way but was not tightly fitted to the a pillar. Knew it was leaking cos the carpet was damp. Go around all of the seals and make sure they are firmly fitted! Just a couple of mm seem to make a difference.
21 - 31 of 31 Posts
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