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she's a 2.0 147 52 plate, and blew a dipped beam bulb on a spirited back road blast just now, having changed one a few months back, didnt consider it that hard to do with a torch, but as i was turning ignition to MAR to check it's aim was remotely right, i heard a click click whine sort of sound coming from somewhere between the battery and the engine.

initially i thought it was the replacement bulb (factory fitted bulb from my knackered pug 406) was being a bugger for not being hooked up right, but closer aural inspection sourced it from the other side of engine bay.

it wasn't hugely loud, but loud enough to hear over the radio. (didnt have car turning over)... it did this routine of clicks n whines twice every time i clicked to MAR from off.

is it something bad like a powersteering pump failing? the waterpump failing? or could it be from my dicky thermostat (sound comes from that sort of area) trying to work again?

she didnt go into limp mode, had no warning lights (although i did have low oil pressure earlier today, for a split second as i made a sudden right to get through a ':wow:toocloseforcomfort' gap in traffic) and is generally running well.
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