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Hi guys, My 1,8TS was never sold by AR in Sweden, it is an imported car. So I am having some issues finding which spark pluggs to use. Are they the same as for the 1,6 or are they the same as teh 2,0 or are they totally different? What are the NGK part numbers?
Thanks for your reply and a Merry Christmas for you all.... :D

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My glovebox manual says for T. Spark (doesnt mention the size)

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Most auto electrical stores will be able to tell you what the equilivent NGK plugs are.

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Remember, they have 8 plugs altogether. At least with the 16v the replacement interval is 60K (miles) or 100k (kilometres).

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Hi Guys,
Thanks for you replies. The car has the 16V engine.
Checked pricing on the NGK-s and it will end up at around 223EUR for 8 of them.:confused: Luckily they last long.
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