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Which noise is this?

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Wich noise is this?
2 years ago I overhauled the engine with new main bearings, new valves and taps, belts, tensioners, pulleys, you name it. I haven't touched the variator, but I don't think it's the classical diesel noise.
I've double checked the cambelt and it's tight and fine. The tensioner was on the mark and so was everything else.

Is it the main bearings that's gone?
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It's difficult tell from the video, but sounds like it has a top end tappet noise. You could try the hydraulic lifter fix.
With the engine warm up to temperature, slowly rev the car over 15 seconds up to 3000rpm, then lift off and let it idle for 15 seconds. Repeat again 5-10 times until it quietens down. This slow revving and lifting off creates a vacuum which should draw some oil back in to the lifters.
Good luck.
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