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Which Indie or do I go with a Stealer?

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Ok, car has a few issues I want ironed out and not sure where to go.
1. I have an oil feed pipe at the front of the engine which is new but needs installing correctly as it's leaking.
2. I have an undertray where half the bolts it screws to have come loose in their housing so the screws are not all in, one of the front brackets which bolts the tray to the bumper was corroded and broken off and the screw holding it snapped and needs drilling out to be able to replace with the new bracket I have in the boot.
3. I want the underside wax oiled

Can anyone advise who they've used to sort these kinds of tasks as I believe the Stealers would be very, very expensive.

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I have been going to Alfa Workshop in Royston for years and their excellent reputation is well deserved.

More recently when AutoLusso moved to Houghton Regis near Dunstable/Luton off the M1 they have done all my servicing and any repairs, also an excellent outfit.

Both will be far better than most main dealers and cheaper.

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Car is now sold following a visit for a service by Jamie's AlfaWorkshop who confirmed the oil leak is an oil cooler and sorted out my undertray.
I hope the new owners love the car as much as I did, even though I had a few little issues to resolve I loved that car and will buy another when I don't have to do 110 miles a day.
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