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I'm gonna change my brake fluid when I get my "new" brake caliper. I currently run Dot 4 fluid and recently gave the system a flush except for the line with the seized bleed screw. After a few laps at Knockhill my brakes faded badly although the peddle pressure didn't seem to drop.
Since then, my brakes haven't worked aswell as they did before. I think I really boiled the fluid.

Would I be better using Dot 5 fluid ??? I've heard bad things (can't remember what) about this stuff.

My discs and pads are all fine still so I'm pretty sure they aren't the cause of the problem.


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I would steer clear of Dot 5,
its a silicone based fluid,
not compatible with regular fluid,
hard to get in your system with out
air locks (thus resulting in soft
brake pedal).
Also it absorbs moisture rather easily
resulting in water pooling near your
calipers,and you might find it doesn't
do your seals any good either and will
mostly likely help develop a leak in
the system!!!

Stick to Dot 4 wink

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Brake fluids are confusing things, is it DOT 5.1 that is NOT silicon based but 5 is???

Anyway, I wouldn't touch it, heard all the above horror stories. Might be fione if used from new but I wouldn't put it in an older car.


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I would recommend Motul RB 600. It has the same performance as the Castrol SRF, but cost only half as much. Normally you will find it at a Motorbike dealer. What's good with Motul and Castrol, except that they boil at a really high temperature, is that they don't loose as much performance as other fluis when they absorbs water, which they will do sooner or later.


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Thanks guys. The problems outlined above I can remember hearing before. It's Castrol stuff I use at the moment. Maybe the line with the seized screw is full of water and has turned the rest of the fluid off. Anyway, I'll stick with a godd Dot 4 then.


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