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I could’ve sworn when I was after a new battery, I checked if Varta or Bosch did a 190mm tall battery, obviously I must have panic bought the F18 as Varta do an F19 (as mentioned above) which is the right size. I got an F18 same as my old one that I’ve had a couple of cms of packing Under the strap. Same spec otherwise, but yeah 175mm is too short to clamp up.
The packing is essential. The reason for the strap is that in a crash test the bottom lug breaks off. With the right battery (190mm High) the strap is a very substantial energy absorber. I don't like packing but the RAC seems to think it can stock its vans with limited versions and use packing to bridge the gaps. I got them to reattend a friends car with the right height battery.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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