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Which Alloy Size?

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Hi there,

i am going to be fitting a new set of wheels to my 96 2.0 16V Super, before i do the car wheel be dropped by 35mm on eibachs.
i need to know which size of alloy will fit the best so that i wont get any scrubbing even with a full boot and 5 people in the car.
im thinking at the moment of 17" J7 with 205/40,
or would 16" be safer?

ilso i have been reading that wheels of 100pcd will fit without a problem if used with "varibolts", i have never come across these before, does anyone have any info on them? will i need to replace all 16 of them?

cheers guys- any help is greatly appreciated
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You shouldnt have any problems with 17" as far as I know (perhaps a little rubbing on full lock if you're unlucky).

Varibolts-you'll need all the bolts but Henry has kept the locking nuts and it seems ok. Your local Halfrauds can help out.

My V6 runs on varibolts, I got them from an internet firm

Look here


The ones you want are called sb21V.

I found that I had to cut them down by 3 mm on the front to get a good tight lock, it would seem that a set of spacers my car should have had have disappeared.

I used Honda spec wheel with a shallower drilling so the 3mm got rid of the extra length caused by the shallow bolt holes.

These bolts are exactly the same length as the originals and cost £25 delivered.

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cheers guys, now the difficult bit, deciding which wheels would look good!

andy, check your PM's, you may have one waiting from me.

Eibachs on mine and 215/40/17 tyres. Works a treat with no catching :)
See my little old entry in the pictures lounge. They are TSW Imolas, lovely wheels, the multi-spoke design works well with the 155s slab sides!
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