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Where to buy lower arm?

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Would it be ok to get one from local motor factors? What would the quality be like!
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Be careful, I had a nightmare with one, which a reputable alfa supplier provided. After my problems they even changed manufacturer.
First Line one's as supplied by motor factors are OK
I've used originals, first line, QH and other pattern ones, never had a problem and they number in the hundreds now. On ebay though I recommend The Motorist Warehouse, usually with me in 2 days and the price is a lot better than the local factors.
I found Motorist warehouse good too. Great Prices

One thing that happend to me - I discoverered the First Line Bushes don't fit on the FAI arms.

I stripped the thread on the Alloy bush housing and tried to replace just the bush.

Anyone want a First line lower arm rear bush by the way? New except i threw the box away?
I was looking at motorist warehouse the other day and thought they looked a good company.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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