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Im from Sidney, im looking 2 buy a 155--most here have been imported from Hong Kong and are around 1991-92 make--what should i look for imparticular that could go wrong in this model car??
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Front wishbones are a niggle. The bushes on them go. If you hear clunking from the front, or the car wanders under heavy braking, these could be at fault.
The age you're looking at will be either an 8v or V6 with a "skinny" body. Both engines are strong. Check when the belts were last changed on the V6 and listen for a rattle when warm on the 8v. The 8v has a chain engine and the chain is easy to tighten, but easily mucked up too causing a knackered lump.
Check for regular maintenance as these cars are driven hard. The 8v (and 16v) engines do use a bit of oil and seems to vary from car to car. Dunno about the V6.

There's probably more but I can't think at the moment. Someone else will add thier bit I'm sure.

And welcome to the forum BTW !!!! :)

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Hello and welcome,

In addition to the stuff that Marlon mentioned:

-drop link bushes from the swaybar onto the wishbones
-clutch slave cylinders seem to weep & pop (look for fluid on top of the gbox casing)
-rear brake caliper slides can seize up
-these cars are heavy on wheel bearings and cv joints (at least mine is....)
-steering play (check both track rod end and knuckle end)
-weak synchros on gearbox
-bushes on rear suspension arms (can be a pig of a job, but should be easy to remove in your dryish climate...)
-exhaust, particularly back box (as its an unusual car in oz, replacement might be difficult..?)(again, might be fine in your climate...)

My wife is from NSW, and when we were over I never saw a single 155...fair amount of 75's,156's and 164's, but no155's! ( I even saw 3 dolomite sprints!!-) How common are 155's out there? I'm coming out again in 2 months, will keep my eyes peeled for them this time.

A lot of engine parts common to the 75/164 TS, probably best to focus on unique 155 parts....trans, panels, susp.

Hope you find a good one, on a smooth bit of road, no fwd car turns in like a 155. Not so good on the bumpy stuff though...Also, I'm told the aircon is p155 poor (mine doesn't have/need it)... you sure you want one?


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