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Wheels, spacers, spigot rings........

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I have just got a set of TSW alloys for a song, complete with bolts and 2-off spigot rings, 2-off thin spacers. Running a W/B 155 2.0 16v, currently 6.5Jx15 ET37. New wheels are 7JJx15 ET30. My basic maths tells me 1/2 inch = 13mm(ish), therefore ET37-ET30 being 7mm from that 13mm, the inset should be almost the same, so no clearance probs??? If so, would the spacers have been on the rear or front?? If only 2 spigot rings are they front or rear??
FYI will still be running 205/50 tyres. Seeing as many owners have changed to 16s and 17s, I wondered what problems had arisen. I am aware the 2.0 16v w/b has a different track to 1.8 and V6. (just changed the wishbone.....)
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im not they good at wheel things.

Mine has spigot rings all round - if it needs them at front or rear then im sure it wil need them all round - centralises the wheel on the hub - the hub sizes are the same all round.

As for the spacers - I would think they go on the front.

This my not have helped one bit - sure someone knows though :D :D :)
Check inside the wheels - TSWs come with separate alloy spigot rings and they often corrode to the wheel. I reckon your missing spigot rings are inside two of the wheel hubs.

Dunno about the spacers - I'd leave them off for now as you're already reducing the offset with the new wheels. Spacers would exaggerate it even more. See how you get on and then decide if you need the spacers - the wheels may have been on a Skinny and that can use some extra track at the front but the Fat-boy may not need it. :D

Ralf S.
Many thanks for reply, you are 100% right and I have located (sic) the other rings - albeit fitted inside out........ Also as for spacers I reckon they were because the wheels were originally fitted to an integrale 8v, which had an offset of ET30. Anyhow, after all this, I may not be using the wheels after all, seeing as I have hit a lean patch. See classified section.
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