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Hi everyone!

I've been coupling with the Sele actuator on my 156 2.0 - with its solenoid valves, particularily. It seems that the clutch one needs to be replaced, according to FES logs (pressure stays ok when engine stopped, then with engine running, the pump restores pressure each 7-8 sec).

And while I was replacing my valve with another (pitily, also not new), I've noticed a strange plastic cap on the bottom of the valve. I understand that it most possibly is just a cap, but a cavity on it - doesn't it serve to calibrate the "idle" position of the valve?

I'm asking because, say, on VW Golf II, where a very similar valve controls additional air quantity, the axe of the valve can be adjusted with small hex key so that in idle position the valve would be most precisely closed. It would be logical to make such a wear compensation on Sele valves, though I realise that Alfas have completely nothing to do with any logic.
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