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Well eye um no oan hear so often noo...Tias problems and sheet weather have no contributed but the day I logged in and was geeted wie a PM fray oor original STUTHEFLAT who became STUTHEMOOSE then STUTHEHOOSE .The MANSION is only a hop skip and jump away.

He is legendary in 166 circles.
Who c an furget the flying aisle can etc etc etc.

I always said he looked and spoke like the `166 hero BIG JC himsell.

Then when JC's joab came up whjo was the ideal candidate...OOR STU and they..(the BBC) picked sum DJ.

Well in the PM was a video.

Up oan Rannoch Moor where I almost gioat stuck in the van a wee while back,
It was so professional and there he was like a combo of JC, Bear Grills, Davy Crockett, John Wayne and awe these cook show presents......IN AN AULD LAND ROVER WIE A CHOKE....Man a HISTORY LESSON.OR WIS IT DEMON ENTIA......I furcoat whit a choke was except when the wife is getting oan tay me aboot mah keeps.

So Signing aff tay visit oor Stu. Need another mini mee at the Kirky Puffer.

So where have awe the others gone long time passing?

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