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ok situation so far. car failed its mot ball joints and track rod ends so its now off the road. im going to do the work myself and im now in a dilemma. do just fix it up standered or turn it in to a proper project car. I'v already given it much thought but as always it comes down to cost. so i was looking for pointers and pages/links that could help me figure out the cost aspect.
If i was fixing it standered then i also want to take three dents out of the body (gits in supermarkets that shouldn't be on the road because they can't even work their doors:mad:). I'd also like to freshen the paint work up, as with all red cars it's fading. so that would mean doing the roof and wing mirros.
If i was doing it as my project then is much bigger. aswell as the mot fail stuff and the dent sorting there would be a full respray (yellow, black or blue). the interior needs tidying up lose stitches/interiour door pannels. i also want to wided the wheel base slightly 2cm each sided so that means wider aches and black out the back windows. ecu remap and thats about all i'v thought about so far. so any suggestions/tips for the direction/jobs are welcome
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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