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I'm thinking of trying to get everything together for a timing belt change, and found this kit for sale in the US:

Timing Kit # 1- 164 24V -(Belt/Idler/Timing bearings)

This lists:

# 1 Timing Belt-60561244
# 2 Timing Idler Pulley bearings-60561649
# 1 Timing belt adjustable Tensioner Bearing-60580235

Having owned seven Saabs all with chains over the last ten years (and an X1/9 that had just had its belt done), I know precisely nothing about timing belts, so I really need some guidance as to what I should purchase. From reading around, I see many people saying that on Alfa engines it's important to change idlers and tensioners, which seem to be included in the kit above (??). This looks like pattern stuff, but they do an OEM belt separately.

How important is it to stick a new water pump in there as well on a 164 24v? I see does a pattern pump.
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