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What is the front wheel weight (and rear) on an Alfa 105-62 Spider?

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On a 1969 Alfa Spider 105-62, US spec that weighs about 1,000 kg total, does anyone know the actual weight (pounds or KG's) on the front wheels (and rear, although I can calculate the other end if necessary)?

I am building a trailer to tow my unregistered US spec 1969 Alfa Spider 1750 to a shop prepare it for an overseas sale on Bring-A-Trailer.

To do so, I have to set up the axle to allow the right amount of weight on the trailer ball. Specs say the car is 57%/43% front/rear and the total weight is 1,000 kg. This suggests the front wheels have 570 kg and the rear 430 kg. Using Car Center of Mass Calculator this suggests the balanced center is 968 mm from the front wheel and 1283 mm from the rear.

But as you can see on the calculator, they ask for actual weight. Has anyone weighed their Spider or know the actual weight on the front (and rear)? If your Spider is running and you can take it to a weigh bridge or truck scale and drive the front wheels on, that would be really helpful.

Here is my CAD calcs to date. Obviously there is some latitude front and rear when loading the car, but its better if the calcs tell me where to put the axle. The blue is the current location, not yet bolted to the chassis, so it can move fore or aft.
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