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Bit of a strange ask but didn't know where else to ask! Just bought a 53 plate JTS which although not treated well by previous owner (needed cleaning, a new thermostat, new fan relay - not to mention the 15 ecu codes to sort!) it has a genuine 54k so I thought I would save it!

When my local garage fitted a new front flexi pipe they noticed a bracket just to the rear of the flexi part of the exhaust. It was attached to the exhaust but wasn't attached to anything else. Directly above it is a screw hole in the subframe (no screw and it looks like something should be there and linked to the bracket) I'm stumped - what should be there!! My initial thoughts were a support bracket and maybe thats why the original flexi had gone as it has too much movement but the garage guy said you wouldn't normally screw in a support on the subframe and it doesn't look typical for a support bracket?

Any info gratefully received!
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