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What have you done to your Mito today?

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Booked for a pair of new front Dunlops for my daughters.. She had new rears, of the same type, fitted by the seller when we bought it but the fronts are now at that point. I think the price for home fitting from Etyres is pretty good and is £20 less than nearest competition. I have used the same mobile fitters before and was pleased with them..

Below is the order cost etc

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So the new tyres were fitted, and the fitter said "The p1's I pulled off the front were runflats, no idea why they were on that car or how the last fitter managed to get them on those rims." When I bought it the seller fitted a pair of new rear Dunlops as part of the sale, the same exact as now on front Curiosity had me putting the reg number in a couple of other tyre places and they both offered P1 runflats against tat reg, car description was rigt Twinair Sportiva etc...... hmmm.

Also had the top suspension strut bearing replaced as I ran out of both available time and correct tools, so put it in to my trusted specialist.. Car now drives like night and day, those runflats on the front made it crashy and drifty but now, keeps a straight line and rides very well.

Think I might valet it this weekend in celebration.. amazing what a new clutch, flywheel, release bearing, tyres,a suspension strut bearing, and a service will do for a car !!!

Happy days !
261 - 262 of 262 Posts