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What have you done to your Giulietta today?

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There seems to be a thread like this for every car here except the Giulietta (unless the autoguide app search is that useless!). As the title suggests...what have you done? Perhaps something that's not worth a whole new thread, a quick question or comment!

I got my Giulietta delivered this morning! Silver veloce, 140 2.0jtdm, already updated B&M to v8.0, debating a spider tuning box. Its a company car ( inherited it with 37k on it), so limited to my options.
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Ok so i did something different to my G 1.4MA. I did a service now, and changed the filter (cone filter), but instead of putting at the end of the filter tubing and removing the stock box... I instead put it inside the stock box. The stock box has a lip on the inside which the stock filter grabs onto, now I've put a small adapter pipe in there and put the cone filter inside it. Then i removed the bottom plate (the 3 bolt 1 usually used to close the box) and also removed the snorkel that sucks are from the inside of the engine bay. Instead i blocked off the snorkel opening with a rubber cap from the inside. So now it only sucks are straight from the bottom of the dust cover at the base of the engine bay.

Right now she makes a lot more V6 rumble right through the Rev range (well till about 4k when the turbo whistle is at it's peak) and sounds really really meaty for a 1.4.

Anyone else did such a mod, and whats the results? I am a touch worried about hydro-lock as it is sucking from an open mouth below, but the filter is about an inch inside the box, unless i wade through water that's fog light height, i doubt i'll have a problem...

Sadly in my excitement to get it done, i didn't take any pix, but I'm sure you'll all can imagine what I've done.

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I finally took the time and did a 3 step polish (machine then hand polish then hand buff).



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So I did a thing today. Added the red pin stripe smiley to the front and the rear. And I glossed the rear valence.

Next thing I'm looking for is the front splitter but not the expensive fitted 1. The stick on kind (see last pic and link

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Usually I'd say go for the front splitter but looking at your car now, it looks really good how it is. Not sure if a black splitter will make any improvement.
If you see how high my poor car sits you'll understand. I plan on dropping her soon. And cos it's 19s to complete the look I'll need the lip and skirts to complete. A kind sir on fb did me a mock photoshop of my car and the results below:
and then boom:
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Looks good was thinking of doing it when I have some time! Mind if I steal your idea? :)
By all means Bru. Take what you need
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