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What have you done to your Alfa 164/166 today?

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I have just replaced the heater matrix and blower motor on my 1999 166 3.0L V6 Sportronic, only to find that the gearbox ECU had already been damaged (stuck in park, 3rd gear only after activating manual release tag). The gearbox ECU has the following codes:

Bosch 0260002453
ZF 6058001056
Fiat 464649360

Does anyone know where I can source a used ECU (I assume its no longer possible to buy a new one from Fiat or from old dealer stock somewhere) ?
I saw one on eBay about a year ago, but it was not cheap! I will check around later today.. (I had this exact issue when I got my 2001 about a year ago)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts