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What have you done to your Alfa 147/156/GT today?

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Just an idea.:)

To have a thread where we can share what we have done or bought or considered for our beloved cars "today" thread.

Hopefully this might catch on?

I will kick off..

Managed to align my front bumper properly...Big thanks to shiny car's guide to bumper removal. Once i had removed the front portion of arch liner the 2 torx screws were revealed and the bumper was easily aligned as it should be.:thumbs:

Did notice my oil cooler pipes looked a tad ropey. Will have to look into oil cooler options. Is upgrading the unit wise at this point? Covered the pipes in rust protectant for now. Better the devil you know.



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Alfa Romeo 156, 1.6 TS, 1999, AR67601
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I replaced the factory speakers of my 1999 alfa 156 with the Alpine 1725s speakers...and disconnected the factory tweeters (redundant since the new speakers have them embedded)

But one issue persists, which I thought was due to the previous speakers being burned out...
...when I listen to 2channel coded mp3s, all audio is sent to the passenger speaker (my car is LHD), while the speaker on the driver's side picks up a miniscule noise you can only hear by placing your ear next to the speaker.

When I put on the radio, the speakers work great...
...this happened before replacing the original speakers & disconnecting the tweeters, I just thought they were the problem.

I haven't tried with the CD yet.

Any ideas?

(This is a 2nd hand car, it came with a chinese/turkish aftermarket F&U CD-3615 sound unit, so I don't know how it's been wired, if that could be an issue)
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