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Studies have shown that people who drive red cars are full of enthusiasm, energy, and drive. They think and move quickly. Drivers of red cars are seen as sexy and dynamic; they’re passio...nate and they like to take charge.
Nick Name: Sex machine.

Silver cars are driven by elegant, cool , and calm people who appreciate luxury. This is also the most popular car color on the road today.
Nick name: Fancy pants.

Gold cars are driven by intelligent and warm people. These drivers appreciate the finer things in life – and are willing to pay for them.
Nick name: Mr Bling

Yellow car drivers are said to have a sunny disposition, be joyful, young at heart, and idealistic. Think about it – you’ve never seen anyone in a bright yellow Cobalt and thought, “Jeez lighten up, cranky.”
Nick name: Little Miss Sunshine

If you see an orange car on the road, you’ll find a fun-loving, talkative, fickle, and trendy driver behind the wheel.
Nick name: Life of the party

Though not a very common purchase, people who drive purple cars are creative, individualistic, and original.
Nick Name: Barney

White car drivers are said to be very serious and careful – this doesn’t mean you’re boring, just safe!
Nick name: Teacher's pet.

Dark Blue
Have you seen a dark blue car on the road today? That driver was credible, confident, and dependable.
Nick name: alphaMale

Neutral Gray
Neutral gray cars are mostly driven by very practical people. These drivers are very dedicated to their work and some may say, very “corporate.”
Nick name : The Man

Are you a down-to-earth, no nonsense type of person? Then you’re probably driving a dark brown vehicle. If you’re more of a timeless, basic, and simple person – a light brown car is best for you.
Nick name: Mr Woodstock

Light to Medium Blue
Those who drive light to medium blue cars are calm, quiet, faithful, reflective, and cautious.
Nick name: Mr Yoga pants

It’s becoming increasingly popular to purchase green vehicles with the growing awareness of environmental change. These drivers are said to be traditional, trustworthy, well-balanced, and contentious.
Nick name: Eco-man

It doesn’t take long to spot a black car on the road– what’s the driver like? They’ve got an aggressive personality, and enjoy having power and authority.
Nick name: Slick Marrick

You’ll seldom spot a pink car (except at a Mary Kay convention) but when you do, know you’ll the driver is gentle, loving, and affectionate.
Nick name: Princess

Behind the wheel of a cream-colored car is a self-contained and controlled driver.
Nick name: Grandpa

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I have Red, yellow, grey, coming soon Gold, and favourite choice Dark blue.....

So I am Mr Bling Sex Machine Sunshine Alfamale....THE MAN :cool::lol:

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Hey I'm not always aggressive! I can get that way if I need to yes, but I'm normally quite calm and relaxed!:rolleyes:

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^^^ lol

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I'm twice a 'Fancy Pants' and once the 'Life of the party'......mmm the accuracy is uncanny !:D
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