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Following the success of our family picnic and in response to lots of the following comments, we're going to do a run to the seaside on Saturday 20th August :D The destination will be Borth, on the west coast of Wales.

We'll make a relatively early start (at around 8.30am) as it's a fair distance to go, but we'll confirm meeting points and times once we see how many / who RSVPs. We'll also repeat the picnic experience, though perhaps with a bit more planning of quantities :lol: As with the picnic, this is a family-oriented event, so bring your other halves, kids, dogs etc. The more the merrier :)

Please RSVP below to register your interest and then watch this space for further details.

EVEL and Aubrey :thumbs:

You coming along "Five hole" John?

You must've seen the story about the 916 spider in the estuary a couple of weeks ago? :lol:
I did see the story Karl, hence my response, the owner should be shot (that is me being tolerant :lol:)

If you are just going to take the michael out of my wheels then I'm not sure :p However that being said it could be quite funny seeing Ann bury you in the sand :lol:

No doubt something else will have fallen off the Joolietta (copyright EVEL) by then :rolleyes:

What's wrong ya Joolie?
My knob (gear) came off in the wifes hand, she must have been tugging at it too hard :lol:

So now it needs a new knob, Guest's want to inspect said broken knob to determine what parts they need to order :rolleyes:

Joolietta has now been called Bobbit ;)

Back on topic...............(well sort of)

Paul, is that round yellow thing at the back of your GT a potty ;)

PS sorry about your keyboard :lol:
1 - 20 of 144 Posts
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