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Great to see everyone again after our little break . Another top turnout of 26 cars :cool::thumbs:

Anyhoo , on with the pics

Nice Botty



Back by popular demand Jez ,Ann & Karl perform the blurry head trick

Tideeeeeeee Tried and failed

Wheely nice

Hughsey thinks he's got an estate and Les does the Funky Gibbon


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Nice pics o Evil one, great to see everyone, didn't catch up much as got into deep conversation with Fraser about marine engine stuff (something i've never dabbled in mechanically so found his wisdom quite enlightening) ('blady nice bloke', & poss. selling his Gtv soon BTW).

Roll on the next meet, and/or AutoItalia @ Gaydon for those that are going:thumbs:

A rammed car park full of Alfa photogenic loveliness and a food hoovering imposter (morning Jon, love you) :thumbs:!

I'll bring some yellow Spider sunshine along one day :D
Morning Steve,

Quite a reputation you've managed to create for me :lol:

Be nice to see your Yellow Spider along at the meet
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