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Wedesday 15th july - bad day to be driving folks!!

Today should be a good day as it's pay day for me. :) Hurrah!! But it has generally started off to be one of the worst days for driving on. Today I have witnessed nutters in W reg Ford Foucus's and anything non Italian amongst other things all attempting to take out my 156. It started first thing this morning & then again when I went out at lunchtime :rant:. You do notice people driving badly but today. Doh!

I thought it was anti italian car day or something or maybe it's just a Wednesday thing. Lol

The good news is my Alfa is now safley parked up for the afternoon at work, but I've got to get home yet! aaargh!!!!!

So watch out & protect your lovely Alfa's from these maniac's folks or just stay off the roads on Wednesday's :thumbs:
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