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I have posted about this problem before, but now I know a little more, I thought I'd ask you people again.

I have a 156 1.8 TS Veloce 2000 x Reg

When ever I give it some revs - (4500 -5000rpm) I lose the power steering. There appears to be no leaks in the system and the reservoir is full. I was advised to drain the system and ensure the filter on the return pipe wasn't blocked. I haven't done this yet, as I found if I rev the car again, while turning the steering wheel back and forth, the power steering is returned. The other day I revved the car above 7000rpm and lost the power steering, I then found I had to take it back up to7000rpm, again while turning the wheel, to restore the power steering, weird!:( Has anybody had this before? Also where is the best point to drain the power steering from? And how easy is it? I'm not bad at working on cars and can undertake fairly difficult jobs.

Thanks, James
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