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Some of you will have read my other thread re the apparent pattern of customers who pay Gazzella Racing and never receive their goods or a refund, I have lost over £600. There have been many requests to the Administrator to make a sticky of Gazzella, which I fully understand is not appropriate.

Can I sugggest, rather than Gazzella can we simply have a section headed 'WEB SUPPLIERS' in the 'Trade section' of this forum.

Forum members can post web suppliers they deal with, i.e. name and link and we can have a five star rating (like ebay) for
Accuracy of description *****
Speed of delivery *****
Value for money *****
Problems / complaints. (a number, which is relevant to each posting and a supplier response)
Supplier offers​

This section 'WEB SUPPLIERS' could be notified to the actual web suppliers so thet can keep an eye on it and challenge any 'false' postings or add comment or resolutions. Should help in keep poor traders in the spotlight What do you think?

The Administrator could charge suppliers a small annual admin fee for access to the system?
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