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Hi, This is Red Q4.

My car is 1997 Q4. And I bought it for only 3 months.
Recently, I found an irregular situation on the front tires. The wearing status is not very even. Only inside of the tires was worn. The status on rear tires is very even.

Is there anybody that faced such situation before?
How to improve?

It's my first time to post topic in this room.
Hope can get any help & friends...

Thank You...

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Hi, A_Moller:

Thanks so much for ur suggestion.
Actually, I took it to the tire shop when I upgraded my suspension system 1.5 months ago. And they also adjusted the wheel angels by the computer.
But recently, when I checked my front tires, it did wear in very strange way. Only 5% of the inside was worn...

Anyway, I will take it to the tire shop. And have them to adjust the wheel angels again.

Thanks again for ur suggestion...

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Hey Red.. it could be that your car has lowering springs fitted.. go too low & your camber angles will be affected.


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you must have a full four wheel check done that is left to right(front)left to right(rear)AND front to back..also make sure the front wishbone bushes are in good order.

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Dunno about the Q4 but I was told that 155's wear the inner edges due to the suspension setup, camber set for handling.


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Yeah right,
Mine has lowering spring fitted. The setting is
KONI SPORTS shock absorbers+VORTLAND springs(35mm lowering). I'd like to change the springs as ELBACH later because VORTLAND is too hard for me...
And the tires are Bridgeston RE711 (205/45/ZR16).
Tomorrow, will take my car to the tire shop and have a total check on the setting & front wishbone bushes.

Actually, I was told that just like Wrinx. The 155's wear the inner edges due to the suspension setup, camber set for handling.

Thanks again for ur suggestion :D

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Suspenion set up for handling :confused:
Surely if the inside edges are wearing a lot quicker than the rest of thr tyre, there is too much load on that edge and therefore, the contact area of the tyre is reduced ???

This happened to J77's car, the inside edge was bald, but the rest of the tyre was almost new looking. This doesn't happen on my car, so I assume it only happens on widebodies. That would suggest it's something to do with the wider track, but I'm sure that it wouldn't be designed to wear tyres very unevenly......or would it ????

Maybe a poll on tyre wear is the answer !!!!


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Well, my car is a widebody. I experienced the problem with only 5000 km on the clock while I now haven't experienced it for years. So my conclusion is that the 155 is prone to inside tyre wear and sensitive to wheelangle adjustment.


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Cars that run alot of camber and drive normally on the road will wear the inside of the tryes. But once you start driving the car hard and cornering hard, the car will begin to roll more, and when it does the outside tyre is brought into a more upright position and hence has the full width of its tread in contact with the tarmac when it needs it.
If you take a car with no camber, when it is cornered hard, it will roll and the outside/loaded tyre will be taken into a positive camber attitude , and only have the outside of the tread in full contact with the tarmac.

Hope that makes it a little clearer.
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