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water temperature high

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the water temperature of my car is high
(always over 90c, arounf 100c)
i check the coolant fan, it will run
but everytime run about 10 second, then off
what is the problem? :confused: :confused:
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could be the sensor someone should be able to give you a ohms reading to compare with if you hang around or do a search as i think its been mentioned more than once. have you checked your radiator is ok at the bottom as ive seen an 98 reg 156 with a bad rad that made it overheat all the time.

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The fan will cut in and out.

Check the radiator and all the pipes. Also check the coolant strength, topping mine up with some neat coolant made a lot of difference.


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if you wait untill its hot then feel the radiator at the top and at the bottom it should feel the same temperature..if its not then you either have a broken thermostat or the there is indeed ait in the system...also do as wrinx said,

BTW 90 deg is normal..the fan should come in at 92 deg.
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