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my alfa runs at around 50degrees c and only reaches 90 if stood in traffic. I suspect the thermostat is stuck open how can i check this or could it be a faulty temp sensor. (where is the temp sensor I thought it was on the thermostat but i disconnected this and the guage still worked. After 15 mins running the temp is about 50 degrees , the top hose is red hot but the bottom hose is cool. Any suggestions anyone

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Sounds like the thermostat. Does the heater work properly ???? My car had the same symptoms until I changed the stat and the heater always puffed cool air.


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I can think of two things:

1. You are correct when you say it's the sender unit that is knackered, but I'm not sure where it is. Possibly a single wire connected to the engine block somewhere. The water would be cooler after coming through the radiator, but maybe not that cool.

2. Maybe the water pump isn't working properly but I'm now guessing.

Where is Jimybob when you need him ???? wink


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On a 16v the sender is on the thermostat, single wire (from memory).

~How long before the heater blows hot air?


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Thats my 2 penneth worth.

To check it,remove from engine and place
in a container of water.
Heat water whilst stirring to avoid hotspots.
using a thermostat,check the temp at which
the valve just opens.(The correct temp might
be stamped on the stat,i know some are).
see if it is within tolerance,usually
between +1 deg c and -6 deg c of the
correct opening temp.
Continue heating to check that the valve
fully opens.

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cheers guys, dont think the test you mention will work as the stat is probably stuck open already. Car is not overheating just not getting hot

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Well if its stuck open,then all you
have to do is whip off the housing
and take a peek.
And if it is open you should see this
straight away,take minutes :D

oh hold on.....sorry thought i was on
NORMALCAR.COM there for a second.
It'll probably be about 4hrs sweat & toil
for an alfa :rolleyes:
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