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Hello folks,

I have an issue with my Alfa 156, 1.8 TS '02 plate.

The water bottle won't hold any water after a period. I don't think it is an issue with the pipes or the motors as after putting water in they work but the water won't be there the next morning. I've filled it up and left it over night and next morning, nothing!

I've taken the header tank off and pulled out the motors. I have windscreen and headlight washers. It appears that the motor on left (closest to the wheel) does the headlights and the one on the right does the windscreen. (I may be wrong)

I have a round rubber seal glued (I assume) to the water bottle for the left motor to fit on to and nothing on the right - is this correct or am I missing a seal on the right?

My local Alfa dealer got me a 'sealing gasket' which I thought was the missing seal but actually it is for the motor (goes on the tube that comes off the motor into the water bottle).

Any advice? - because this is really peeing me off and if it isn't a 'seal' problem I need to work out what else it could be!!!!

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