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So things have changed,

I got my folks a lovely little spaniel for their christmas ... a dog that im sure will spend alot of time with me and in the car.

Well I have been thinking for a while that i wanted an estate, and today I have decided I need one as milly decided to try and eat my gearstick ... humph ... anyway ... i had been thinking it may need to happen ... so where am I at

I had a friend of my brother come around and offered to buy my car off me for the wonderful price of £1300 ... caching ...

so im now into the market for a sport wagon ... happy days

I am happy to spend up to £2300 - £2500 - but the less the better. I am wanting if possible leather, nice wheels, facelift and in decent condition ... i dont mind the odd ball joint needing dont but knackered engines ... not my thing.

I am also wanting eather the 2l JTS or the 1.9 JTD

Many thanks
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