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“Volkswagen AG has already cut back production at its main plant due to low demand, the company said in a post on its company's internal website.
For four days in May several assembly lines at the German car maker's Wolfsburg plant won't be in production, according to an interview with Arne Meiswinkel, VW's personnel manager, published on the company's internal website.
Volkswagen has agreed to close assembly lines on May 15, 20, 25 and 29, affecting all shifts.
In May, around 7,700 employees at the site were on short-time work, a measure which sees workers' hours reduced while pay is partially covered by the government.
As planned, May 22 will continue to be used as a bridging day and isn't subject to short-time work.
"We are organizing the driving patterns in the other Volkswagen AG plants in the same appropriate and flexible way", Mr. Meiswinkel said in the post.

The demand isn’t there , with uncertainty and not being able to shop..
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