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My sister has a 2009 Golf diesel. Don't ask me what it is, because I grew up in an era when Golf GTi meant hot, and Golf diesel meant 'not'. All I know is that it has big wheels, it's black and goes like stink (and, like many modern VWs, it makes a mockery of the VW 'reliability' myth - its unresolved and on-going oil leak problem can be traced all over my sister's driveway...)

Got a bit wedged in today, in the rear seat.

My five year old niece was in her booster seat in the nearside rear, I was in the middle, and my (slight/frail) nan was in the offside rear. I tell thee, it was a tight fit. Even though I'm a slim-Jim, with us all in there, there was zip all elbow/knee/shuffling about room.

Biggest worry was this; my niece still can't reach the seat belt release, my nan can't because her hands are too crippled to do so. With all of us there, I struggled to free myself, never mind getting the rest of us unbuckled...this doesn't exactly shout family friendly.

Is a Golf Plus the answer? I hope not :eek:
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